1. Добралась до фотографий, наконец-то 😄 козацьке місто 😌 #запоріжжя#україна#Ukraine#happy#smile#summer

  2. 😌😁 #happy#friends#fun#like#wood#smile#summer#goodtime

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    This might literally be the most adorable (not to mention photogenic, geez) cat alive.

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    Beach clean up at Milnerton lagoon, a conservation area, with Kayla and my sister. In just under two hours us three managed to collect eight bags of litter. We also came across a dead African penguin (an endangered animal) caught in fishing net. The state of the beach and conservation area is disgusting, even with picking up eight bags of rubbish the beach looks exactly the same as when we arrived, still covered in litter and nets

    please do not litter


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    Perfect outfit for the daytime! Simple but so stylish. Crop top and printed skirt is the outfit you need to wear. And to protect yourself from the sun you NEED to add so hat and sunglasses. I think a lot of people will like this outfit since is so easy to recreate. It is not so much out there, but it’s still fashionable. 

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  9. Banana love ❤️

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    Moon, Heart and Stars

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